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Do the Hustle!
Michele Rasmussen
OK, dance of the week for me is the Hustle. When I look back to the first time that I "tried" to dance the Hustle, I cringe! It was such a foreign concept to me, I didn't understand the "and"1(one), 2, 3, at all, and going back and forth in a slot made absolutely no sense. As a matter of fact, back then there weren't any dances or steps that made any sense! . . . more info
Power vs Energy
Power vs Energy Energy is exciting to watch. But the energy must be controlled , not wild. For instance, in a Foxtrot powerful movement is an asset if it is controlled in the swing of the body, and not just by taking big steps. . . . more info
Movie Night
Movie Night Do you like movies? A great date night movie and some fantastic inspiration to practice, practice, practice would be either "Dance with Me" with Vanessa Williams or "Shall we Dance", with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. And of course, there is my all time favorite "Dirty Dancing", with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. They make you want to get up dance! . . . more info
Social Dance Etiquette
Social Dance Etiquette Etiquette is here to ensure everyone has a good time in a social dance setting, so it is important, to pay attention to it. While I am sure that there are always exceptions to these "rules", these are the rules that pertain to dance clubs everywhere, be it a small town gathering or a large dance convention. . . . more info
Where do all the dancers go?
Yes, there are many, many worlds of dance. They are much larger than one can even imagine. . . . more info
Dancing and Cruising!
Michele Rasmussen
Dancing and Cruising! Last week I took my 15 year old son on a Carnival Cruise. We had a wonderful time, but there was something missing............. http://ytbtravel.com/mrshasta I suppose, only a fellow dance fanatic like me, would understand this, but here goes........I missed dancing!!! I could not believe, with 3500 passengers aboard the cruise ship, that I could not find one other person to Waltz around the many dance floors on the ship with! . . . more info
Just a little tip.
Here is just a little tip, from me to you. When I started dancing, I was so jealous of all of those "dance couples", out there on the dance floor, dancing so beautifully together. . . . more info
Last night, after dancing with the gentleman, that spent many hours working with me, when I was first learning to dance, a couple from our dance community applauded. . . . more info
Benefits of Dance.
This is a great motivator, not that most of us need a reason to dance.....but good to know anyway! . . . more info
Don't get discouraged.
It is my sincere hope that you will find our dance instruction to be helpful during your journey, into the world of dance. For those of you that are brand new, beginning dancers, just learning your first steps, I am hear to encourage and inspire you. . . . more info