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Two Left Feet? Can't Remember What You Learned in Dance Class? Want to Learn to Dance in the Privacy of Your Own Home? We Have the Answer for You! Dance Classes, Online! Available 24/7. To join all of our other students, Just Sign Up and You'll be on Your Way to Dancing Like a Star, cha cha, cha cha cha, tango, waltz, foxtrot, wedding dance, viennese waltz, lindy hop, east coast swing, west coast swing, swing dance, Dancing with the Stars
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home | Weekly Newsletter | January 30, 2010 Volume 3: Issue 1

January 30, 2010 Volume 3: Issue 1

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January 20, 2011: Volume 3, Issue 2          1

                                                                   To view this Newsletter Online: Issue #1

2010 has flown by and 2011 is sure to fly by just as quickly! Did you reach your 2010 resolutions? Did you make a new list for 2011? How many of the same resolutions make it on to your list year after year? Hopefully there are a few that can be scratched off for good and a few new ones added. We all change as time goes on as due our priorities. Try and choose resolutions that are attainable, so as not to be disappointed. As a dancer maybe one of your resolutions could be to spend 10 minutes a day practicing and cleaning up a very basic dance step. Or maybe commit  to social dancing with someone new every time that you go dancing. Or how about learning a new dance? There are many things that every one of us aspires to change and improve. Let's all try and make 2011 our best year yet!

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Year,

Joe and Michele

Hope all is well and sunny in your worlds, it is raining like crazy here!.

Happy Dancing,
New Year's Dance Camp                                                                    
New Year's Dance Camp 2011

Business Stuff

October  30th  Halloween Dance Cruise!
We will be sailing out of Tampa, Fla.,  October 30th on the Carnival Legend. The cruise is 7 nights and will be sailing to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize and Isla Roatan.

We have placed a deposit on the remaining cabins so you can still reserve your cabin for only $25. Second payment of $275 is due on May 30, 2011. The below costs include all port fees and taxes,  plus 1 Private Cock tail Party and 1 Shared Cocktail Party. Past Cruiser's be sure to select "yes" for renewal box. (See links for details)

     1. Inside Cabin double occupancy: Only $775 per person

        2. Inside Cabin Single Occupancy: Only $1274
        3. Balcony Cabin Double Occupancy: Only $975 per person
        4. Balcony Cabin Single Occupancy: Only $1594 per person


If you are a beginning dancer, or someone that really wants to take their dancing to a higher level, then this site is for you! Remember,  Members have access to EVERYTHING that we do!  All dances are broken down, step by step, available to you whenever you want to practice. I know how frustrating it can be to try and remember what you learned in dance class, go home and want to practice and then find out a week later that you have practiced it all wrong! Don't let that happen to you! You can now download and view Night Club and Country Two Step to your computer and watch them full screen. West Coast Swing is coming soon! And yes, the Samba Turns for Country 2 Step are finally up!

Tuesday Night Class Videos, Wednesday Night Class Videos, The Ballroom Workshop Re-Caps, and The Borderline Re-Caps.

                                                 Dance Boots and Shoes

Evenin' Star Dance Boots   Discounted Prices for members.
I LOVE my Boots! If you have any questions regarding style or size, I think I've finally got it down!
We also have Ballroom, Latin and practice Very Fine Dance Shoes. Ladies and Mens.  


Tip of the Week

              Commit to Being You Own Personal Best!

If there is one thing that I have learned since I started dancing it is that we must all strive to be our own personal best. While seeing a terrific dancer and aspiring to dance as they do can be a goal, do not allow that aspiration to turn to envy or discouragement. Chances are that the awe inspiring dancer, danced just like you when they began their journey. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and choose one aspect of your dancing that you would like to improve and work on just that until you are satisfied.


                                         World's 2011

Recent Article
                                       Basic Cha Cha: Where is my Weight?

Dancing is a very complicated sport. Each dance has different steps, technique, posture and style. While every dance has similar traits, they all possess unique characteristics. Cha Cha requires a dancer to be in compression with their partner. This requires them to dance with their weight forward on the balls of their feet. While dancing on the balls of their feet, their weight is distributed over the balls of the feet, yet not up on their toes. Try standing of your feet with your weight distributed evenly on your feet. Now pitch yourself forward onto the balls of your feet. You should still be able to lift your toes off of the floor. Do not dance on your tippy toes. As you step, press into the floor with the inside edge of your foot. Your knee will initially be bent. Staightening your leg, creates the hip action in Cha Cha.

Cha Cha Cha

                         Cipro Blog: Nine Month Update: Learning to Dance in the Rain!
                    Dance Blog: Dancer Injured Again, Thanks to Cipro!
                    Looking for great Boots: Evenin' Stars
                    Stop by and share your dancing stories with me.
                    I'd love to hear about your                       
                    trials and triumphs! http://www.ras-this.com/
Upcoming Events

Palm Springs Swing Dance Classic - December 30 - January 2. Palm Springs, Ca.

2011 World's XIX - Jan. 3 - 9, 2011. Nashville, Tenn.
Montery SwingFest - January 13-17, 2010,Monterey, Ca.


On-line Dance Instruction: www.learntoballroomdanceonline.com

Ballroom Dance Association: www.USAdance.org
National Association of Swing Dance Events: http://www.nasde.net/
USA Swing Dance Network: http://www.usaswingnet.com/

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  Twitter Follow Michele at http://twitter.com/MicheleRasmusen

  Email address: meeeesh51@gmail.com
 My Blog: www.Ras-This.com

About Me

I am Michele Rasmussen. It is my wish to share my love of dance with anyone interested.

I am sure that I share many of the same hopes and dreams as many of you, and I hope to share the
joy that I have found by "Learning to Dance in the Rain".


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"I can't believe it. I have wanted to learn to dance and couldn't find a single dance lesson in my town. Yeah whoo! I love you guys."

"It was exactly what I was looking for."

Joeseph H.
Savanah, Ga

"I live in a really small town where there are no dance lessons. Thank you so much, I can almost Cha Cha now!!
Susan A.
Marion, Va

"Your site saved the day for me. The basic steps I learned from your dance instruction videos helped me quickly be able to keep up on the dance floor with some of the better more experienced dancers. I'd been struggling for so long. Thank you!
Caroline T..
Buffalo, NY

"I can't say enough about how valuable your site has been to our dance club. We are brand new with little local instruction, your site is helping us all learn how to dance! Can't wait for the videos!!! Thanks!."
David A..
Seattle, WA