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home | Weekly Newsletter | Newsletter; December 20,2010

Newsletter; December 20,2010

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Happy Holidays !
Dance Tips and Resources
December 20, 2010: Volume 2, Issue 24            

                                                                   To view this Newsletter Online: Issue #24

We just wanted to take a moment and wish all of our students, both locally and  afar, a very Happy Holiday Season and New Year. We also wanted thank you for all of the support and wonderful memories that we have shared. Hopefully we will be seeing some of you at Palm Springs New Year's Dance Classic, we will be teaching two classes on Friday, January 31st. If we don't see you there, then maybe will will catch up with you at the 2011 World's XIX Competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

Only 4 more shopping days left till Christmas! It is not to late to sign up for our cruise next year. Christmas Gift Idea: Cruise!

 I have photos up on Facebook. 
  1.  Aruba
  2.  Dinner
  3.  Dancing
  4.  Grand Turk/La Romana/Curacao
  5.  Ship and Shore!

We will be sailing out of Tampa, Fla.,  October 30th on the Carnival Legend. The cruise is 7 nights and will be sailing to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize and Isla Roatan.

You can reserve your cabin for only $25 if you sign up before December 29, 2010. After the 29th of December it will be a $275 deposit. The below costs include all port fees and taxes,  plus 1 Private Cocktail Party and 1 Shared Cocktail Party. Past Cruiser's be sure to select "yes" for renewal box. (See links for details)

If you are a beginning dancer, or someone that really wants to take their dancing to a higher level, then this site is for you! Remember,  Members have access to EVERYTHING that we do!  All dances are broken down, step by step, available to you whenever you want to practice. I know how frustrating it can be to try and remember what you learned in dance class, go home and want to practice and then find out a week later that you have practiced it all wrong! Don't let that happen to you! You can now download and view Night Club and Country Two Step to your computer and watch them full screen. West Coast Swing is coming soon!

Tuesday Night Class Videos, Wednesday Night Class Videos, The Ballroom Workshop Re-Caps, and The Borderline Re-Caps.

Hope all is well and sunny in your worlds, it is raining like crazy here!.

Happy Dancing,

Tip Of The Week
 Da'meanor or Da'Nicer?
In my opinion, da"nicer" wins every time! And since the holiday season is full of extra activities and responsibilities, I thought that now might be a good time to remind everyone how important your attitude, on and off  the dance floor really is. While this season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, it is also the harbinger for holiday stress and loneliness for many.  Try implementing the following suggestions to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

- Avoid doing too much. Set priorities. Choose the activities and traditions that are MOST important to you. Trying to squeeze in everything will often leave you feeling frazzled, instead of  fulfilled.

- Eating, drinking and spending too much, often leads to consequences that linger long after the holiday season ends. Moderation is key.

-Too much or not enough togetherness. For those with large families trying to spend time with everyone, sometimes all in one place can be overwhelming. Try turning a deaf ear, or turning on your I POD.
Remember, we are dancers, we can all get lost in a little bit of music.

- For others, without family, it can be a time of lonelinesss. If you have not already discovered a "Dance Family" in your community, I encourage you to get busy.  There is one lurking just around the corner, waiting to welcome you with open dancing arms!

- Seasonal Defective Disorder, also known as a byproduct of the seasons changing from fall to winter. Where I live, it is dance season for many. In many places it is too cold to golf, white water raft or bike, so our dance community thrives!

- So remember to set a schedule, cut corners where you can, choose priorities wisely, change your expectations, remember to breathe and to get out and Dance!!

Be sure to include that heart-warming feeling, that comes from dance, in your Holiday Traditions. You will add joy to yourself and to others!

                                                              Grand kids are the BEST!!


Recent Article

                             It's Never Too Late 
                                                    by Lynn Moreland , Houston Texas

I am going to follow my own advice and not stress about writing an article, instead I am going to share one of my favorite articles written by Lynn Moreland. This is especially for those of you, like me that got a late start dancing.  Enjoy!

I used to be an almost gray, blue-jean wearing, make-up avoiding, background seeking, novel-reading middle-aged grandmother. I drove a mini-van, wore tailored jackets, and considered myself to be more awkward than graceful and more sedentary than active then, at the age of fifty-three, I signed up for three weekly one-hour ballroom dance lessons. Uh oh. Now, a year later, I take three-hour lessons five days a week and have danced in two competitions. I buy appointments with my chiropractor in bulk and am at least an inch taller. I have been to a tanning booth several times (a thing I said I'd NEVER do). I get my hair colored once a month (a thing I said I wasn't ready for!), and my nails groomed and polished once a week (a thing I never had time for). Before my first dance competition, I could put on makeup in 10 minutes. At my first competition my makeup took almost two hours. (In fact, applying false eyelashes while wearing reading glasses should be considered a separate event!)

But that is all just packaging and presentation, changes that are clear and fairly obvious. The internal changes in my head and in my heart are more erratic and uncertain. For example, most days, I would rather dance than eat, but some days I get so frustrated with my lessons that all I want to do is eat. Most days, I think my teacher is the most patient, flexible, kind, compassionate, entertaining person I know, but occasionally, I want to punch him. Most days, I am excited about learning, pleased with my progress, and optimistic about my chances in the next competition. But, some days, I see myself in the mirror while I'm dancing and wonder, what was I thinking? I look ridiculous!?

However, there is one internal change that is clear and constant. For the first time in my life, I am doing something for the sheer joy of doing it. Don't misunderstand, good marks do make me want to celebrate, but I'm not dancing to gain approval from judges or anyone else. I'm not dancing for anyone but me. I'm dancing because I want to, because it makes me smile, because I love it. I love it when the music seems like a live thing that carries me across the floor. I love it when the connection to my partner is strong and clear. I love it when my arms and my hands and my head and my hips and my knees and my feet are all in the right place at the right time.

For the first time in my life, it's all about me. I used to be an almost gray, blue jean wearing, novel-reading grandmother. I still wear jeans sometimes and read novels and adore my children and grandchildren, but now I stand straighter and walk taller and, if there's music playing, I'm likely to be dancing.



Blog Re-Cap
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                    Stop by and share your dancing stories with me.
                    I'd love to hear about your                       
                    trials and triumphs! http://www.ras-this.com/

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