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home | Weekly Newsletter | May 11, 2010: Volume 2, Issue 13

May 11, 2010: Volume 2, Issue 13

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Welcome to Dance Data !
Dance Tips and Resources
May 11, 2010: Volume 2, Issue 13            

                                                                         To view this Newsletter Online: Issue #13

Quick update on the Cipro side effects. It has been 22 days since I stopped taking it and there is still quite a bit of pain in my legs and feet. I am moving at a quicker speed and even trying to cautiously dance. It seems that these side effects can linger for quite some time. So....if we dance, remember that I am FRAGILE!! lol

Joe will be teaching at the Fresno Dance Classic, May 27-31, 2010 and the Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp,  Aug. 12-15, 2010. We will have a reserved table in Palm Springs, so if you would like to sit at our table, let us know.

How does 8 nights on board the Carnival Miracle, in the Southern Caribbean, with stops in Grand Turk, La Romana (Dominican Republic), Aruba, and Caracao sound? How about to that we add...........you guessed it..........dancing? Well.......

We have had two ladies cancel their cruise reservations and we have 3 additional cabins reserved, so you can still sign up,  now until May 20th, 2010 with a fully refundable $300 deposit. We are going to have a GREAT time, you won't want to miss it! So Sign up NOW!

Hope all is well and sunny in your worlds.

Happy Dancing,

Tip Of The Week
New Dance Patterns

As a leader it is your responsibility to "lead" the dance. Do you ever get tired of leading the same old patterns over and over and over? Here is a quick tip that will help add to your repertoire. Pick one new pattern that you have learned and REALLY like. Make it a focus to add that particular pattern in every dance that you do for one entire month. By the end of the month it should become a permanent part of your repertoire. If you do that every month, you will have 12 new patterns in your repertoire. The danger can be that you might forget to continue to dance what you already know and therefore lose those patterns. So remember, you are trying to add to, not replace what you already know!


Recent Article

      Beginning Dancers: Do Not Become Discouraged       
                                                                 by Michele Rasmussen

I can remember the first time I ever went to an official dance. I had taken 3 Cha Cha classes, at a community center, without a partner. Everything about the class was foreign to me. I could not remember the steps and I had no experience with frame, as that instructor did not rotate partners. I learned, speaking the term lightly, the basic Cha Cha rhythm and a cross over break. Of course, I was dancing with myself so my experience with a partner was nil! The instructor encouraged all of us to attend the monthly Ballroom Dance. I figured what the heck and went to the dance.

What I encountered wasn't a pleasant experience. While most of the dancers were cordial and polite, I realized that I did not have a clue what I was doing! I immediately began to compare myself to all of the other dancers, good and bad. I was discouraged and inspired at the same time. What I didn't know then, that I know now, is that everyone of those dancers started from square one, just like me and you. Yes, some of them had the advantage of starting at a very young age and others have natural ability, but I had neither. At this point I had a decision to make. Was I going to abandon my dream of learning to dance, or was I going to put in the effort that it takes to learn.

I chose to put in the effort and I am glad I did. I have a whole lot of catching up to do and it does not come easy for me, but learning to dance has been the most rewarding activity I have ever participated in. I still have to remember to not compare myself to others and to gage my improvements upon my own abilities and efforts. It helps me to focus on one particular aspect at a time and to monitor the progress I am making monthly. Am I doing it better now than I was before?. If not, I  have only myself to blame and I have to figure what adjustments that I need to make to achieve my goal. 

Dancing is a partnership but you must remember that the only person you are in control of is yourself. Work on your own self improvement and you will begin to feel the improvement while dancing with others. Don't place blame and don't make excuses, just give it your all and accept the results.  



Blog Re-Cap
                         Dancing Post Cipro Poisoning!
                    Looking for great Boots: Evenin' Stars
                    Stop by and share your dancing stories with me.
                    I'd love to hear about your                       
                    trials and triumphs! http://www.ras-this.com/

The Business Stuff
Shoes, Boots and Cruise Info

New Categories at  www.LovetoDanceOnline.com  , Joe Tschirhart 's Tuesday Night Classes  , Saturday Workshops. and Wednesday Night Country Two Step.
Currently the price for membership is only $9 per month, once we switch over to the full sized screen, the membership price will increase to $19.99 per month. Subscribe now and you will lock in the $9 per month membership fee.
You can check out the advantages of becoming a member here.

 Evenin' Star Dance Boots  
I LOVE my Boots! If you have any questions regarding style or size, I think I've finally got it down!
We also have ballroom,  Latin and practice Very Fine Dance Shoes. Ladies and Mens.  

Cruise Update:
Single guys, where are you??? We also have a single woman looking for a roommate. There's 1 Balcony cabins and 3 inside cabins left. We actually put in a few "pretend" dancers to save a few extra cabins. We have a great group of dancers and even some scuba divers already signed up. Join us for a terrific week of learning and dancing aboard the Carnival Miracle.
A $300 deposit reserves your cabin. Must be paid by May 20, 2010.  The ship leaves Ft. Lauderdale on October 18, 2010 and will be visiting 4 Islands. Prices start at only $859.42 per person, this includes all taxes and fees, plus all the workshops, dancing and activities. The ship is the Carnival Miracle.

For full details, Click here: http://tinyurl.com/ycsqg54
Join us for a great time!

Joe and Michele

Upcoming Events

Frezno Dance Classic - May 27 -31, Fresno, Ca.
Jack & Jill O'Rama - June 10th - 13th, 2010 Anaheim, Ca.
Portland Dance Festival - Early July, Portland, OR.
Swingtime in the Rockies - July 22-25, Denver, CO.
Summer Swing Dance Dance Classic - August 12-15, Palm Springs, Ca.


On-line Dance Instruction: www.learntoballroomdanceonline.com

Ballroom Dance Association: www.USAdance.org
National Association of Swing Dance Events: http://www.nasde.net/
USA Swing Dance Network: http://www.usaswingnet.com/

Keeping Up with the Ras-Girls

Our Blog: www.Ras-This.com

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About Me

I am Michele Rasmussen. It is my wish to share my love of dance with anyone interested.

I am sure that I share many of the same hopes and dreams as many of you, and I hope to share the
joy that I have found by "Learning to Dance in the Rain".


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